How to make a website – Create free website

Webnode is the best way how to create and manage your own website for free. It offers cutting edge drag and drop technology, intuitive interface and plenty of widgets and gadgets for your project.

Jimdo – Create your own homepage easily – and for free! 500 MB storage, load up 12.500 pictures, easy handling, own layout. For free and no previous knowledge required!

Weebly – Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a simple drag and drop interface. No ads. One of Time’s 50 best websites of the year. – Free Website. Hosting your Homepage for free. In only 3 minutes to your own homepage.

Sauropol – Create free corporate or personal website in seconds. Create a free website for your company, rock band or newborn baby. Choose from selection of designs or upload your own. Transfer or buy a domain.

Doodlekit – Free Website Builder is perfect for startups small business websites. Built-in Google, Yahoo, and Bing website SEO ranking tools. No coding. Do-it-yourself. Save money.

Yola – Build a free website and get free website hosting. With Yola, you can make a free website with no technical skills.

SiteKreator provides a one-stop solution for creating captivating Web sites without any technical or artistic expertise necessary. With a full set of elegant designs, versatile branding options and interactive features, you can instantly design, build and publish a professional website in less than 30 minutes.

Webs helps you make your own free website. Personal, group, and small business websites complete with photos, videos, and ecommerce.

Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.

Beep – Want your own free website? Easy as pie! Awesome designs and features. Signup for free here.

350pages – Create a free website easily and quickly. 350pages website builder has customizable professionally designed templates and customizable graphics, photo editor and photo galleries with a slideshow. Drag and drop objects anywhere on the page. Includes free web hosting.

– Create a free Website or Blog in Minutes! Blinkweb uses a simple drag and drop functionality, allowing you to create a website, blog, or salesletter-style site with absolutely no technical or programming knownledge. Not only that, but we made the website creation free.

Viviti is the easiest way to build a website – what are you waiting for?

Edicy – Make a free website now! Edicy is a super simple tool for building websites. Just sign up and your site will be online in minutes. You can start adding pictures, texts, forms, videos or whatever else to your site right away. Edicy is mostly used by small businesses, startups, non-profits and freelancers alike.

Spotify Users – Share Your Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlist sharing for music lovers. Browse, search and find spotify playlists of many different genres.

Share your Spotify playlists with the world and discover new music!

Spotyshare – The Spotify Community. Share your spotify playlist with friends.

Sharing your Spotify playlists gives you the opportunity to find new music. Find the latest spotify playlists here. The playlist feature of Spotify is fully…

Spotylists – Spotify Playlists. – a social spotifylist and playlist sharing site for music lovers.

You will find all the spotify hits playlist that you could imagine, rock, dance,  soundtracks, charts…

Topsify – Top music charts for Spotify.

Share playlists and discover new music join the spotify party.

Spotify playlists.

The main Source for Spotified Charts.

Here at Spotify Links we are just as passionate about music as you, so we have created a directory specially designed for everyone to share their own Spotify Playlist.

Spotify Playlists – Share Your Music With Spotify Friends. is a place where you can share your Spotify Playlists with like minded people.

Spotifyworld – A world of Spotify playlists.

Alt om Spotify – På Norsk.

Selected playlists for Spotify. Share your own spotify playlists and discover new music through others. Always new selected playlists.

A little service for discovering and sharing Spotify playlists.

Soundtracks hos Spotify.

Freshspotify will let you know when new music from your favourite bands is added to spotify’s library.

Wish List. Add a wish to spotify.

Personalized Start Pages

43marks – The Ultimate Homepage.

Mysurfpad – Create a homepage with just the stuff you want to see.

Netvibes – Leading personal start page to manage your digital life. Add widget to read your newspapers, play games, watch TV, movies, listen to podcasts, manage your social networks like Facebook, MySpace, read your emails from gmail or yahoo mail.

Pageflages – Social personalized homepage – the easiest way to read, see, discover and share your favorite things on the Web.

Protopage – If your page is not loading, please click here. List of public pages created with Protopage.

Eskobo – If you want to be able to access your page from any computer, you can sign in from login page.

Pagezz – Free Personalized custom Start Page, everything in one place, just drag and drop, RSS news, sports news, breaking news, best blogs,top rated video, weather for your area. Whatever you want, fully customizable, very simple to use. Set it up once and it will automatically keep you up to date.

MyStartSite is a personalized homepage allowing you to search multiple sites, provides easy access to your favorite sites, and receive news headlines.

Bonzobox – is an interactive homepage tool that allows users to build their own customized “BonzoBox” home page with links to their favorite websites in a graphical “live thumbnail” layout.

Allmyfaves – Visual logo directory that specializes in the top 10 faves of each category. Making the internet an easier place.

MyYahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features.

Startaid – Save your bookmarks and favorites online.  Social bookmark manager that allows you can use tags or categories.  Never lose a bookmark or favorite again.

Only2clicks – Keep your frequently used websites online and make it your start page.

At Start Me you can create your very own start page in a few minutes. Its fast, its easy.

Webwag – Enjoy your start page, anywhere.

Zeadoo is your free personal startpage on the Internet. Set Zeadoo as your home and add favorite search sites, bookmarks and share sites with friends. is your new homepage. It holds all of your most used links so you can get to them quickly from wherever you are, and it’s super customizable.

Free your desktop. Extend your desktop to Startforce Webtop. We store your files securely on our server so you can take them anywhere in the world where there’s an Internet connection.

Desktoptwo is a free web-based desktop that mimics the look, feel and functionality of a local computer, all contained within one browser window and fully accessible from any Internet-connected device.

Favoor – Eigene Favoriten/Bookmark/Links online sichern und verwalten bei! Schütze deine Links vor dem Verlust. Einfach und schnell Weltweit erreichbar! RSS Feeds Online lesen. Notizen speichern.

Top 22 Temporary and Disposable Email Services

10minutemail – Temporary disposable e-mail service to beat spam.  Avoid spam with a free secure e-mail address.

MailCatch: Free, Temporary, Anonymous, Emails.

Litedrop – This website provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 60 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

Dodgit – free, receive-only, email, no set up.

Slopsbox is your temporary mailbox, the e-mail address you use to register for random services. It’s a long-finger up the butt to spammers who wants your real e-mail.

With spambox you can create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address. Simply enter your e-mail address and the life time of your spambox and we will generate you a temporary e-mail. provides spam protection using temporary, disposable email addresses. No Registration required.

Mytrashmail – Free Spam blocker which uses anonymous email. Absolutely genial!

Guerillamail – This website provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

To avoid spam, provides you with a temporary email address. As soon as it is created, all the emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address.

Free temporary email aliases.  Mailexpire offers email addresses for free to help fight spam.

Protect your privacy and avoid spam. Use Mailinator! No Registration! No Sign-up!

Prevent spam by using the forwarding service available in the internet: Meltmail.

MintEmail is a only no-click disposable email system. Simply visit MintEmail site and a temporary email address has already been saved to your clipboard. is the simplest way for you to protect your private email address. You can use for testing purpose to keep your inbox spam-free. supports POP3 and POP3S.

SpamMotel. The most complete way to control your e-mail address. Stop spam in its tracks. – your disposable / throwaway email address! Its free no signup or registration required and its fast. If you are tired of spam flooding your mailbox, just use

Spamgourmet provides spam protection using on-the-fly self-destructing disposable email addresses.  Users can also set up rulesets for trusted or permitted senders, etc. is The place where you get a Free, Temporary, Disposable, Anonymous, email address, keeping your own email address Spam and Virus Free.

Tempomail – Create your anti-spam temporary email adress.

Create a new email address on All mails to this address will be   forwarded to your real email address for a number of times you can set up on the following form. When the limit is reached, the email address will be automatically. All following mails (like spam, newsletter, etc) will be rejected at

YOPmail provides Temporary and Disposable Email addresses to protect you against Spam. Stay Protected always!

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